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Beer, the UK's national drink

Brumaison is a 10-barrel (1640 litre) microbrewery based in the heart of Kent. We produce traditional ales in a traditional manner using UK ingredients, whenever possible. In particular, we source the majority of our hop varieties from Hukins Hops, a local Kent grower. Hand-crafted cask ales. Brewing distinction.

Brewing distinction
Brumaison Best Bitter Traditional Ale

Cask conditioned traditional
English bitter made using
Pale, Crystal and Chocolate
Malt, Fuggle and First Gold

Easy drinking English ale
with plenty of malt and
subtle hop flavour.

3.6% ABV

Brumaison Golden Blonde Ale

Cask conditioned golden
blonde ale made with Pale and
Vienna malt, Challenger and
First Gold Hops.

A refreshing ale with the
bitterness of a golden and the
fruit spice of a blonde.

4.4% ABV

Dark brown porter with
reddish hue. Full malt flavour,
warm with hints of coffee and
chocolate. Light bitterness
from Kent Bullion hops and
little or no hop aroma.

One simply isn’t enough!

4.7% ABV

Bullion ale is a refreshing single hop pale ale. The hops used are grown locally at Hukins Hops, Tenterden. The hop is used both for bittering and aroma and this ale highlights Bullion’s flavours – so often categorised as bittering only. The result is a refreshing ale with a delicate zesty, spicy flavour that is not overpowering.

4.5% ABV

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