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Brumaison is no longer trading.

Brumaison would like to thank all our customers, in the trade and retail alike, for all the support you have given us over the last 5 plus years. Many of you know that Brumaison was a solo run brewery. Brewing is a very physical career with plenty of unavoidable heavy lifting which, despite great care, has unfortunately provoked a recurrance of an historic spinal problem for Peter that meant continuing to brew would be ill-advised.

It’s been great fun and in the process Peter has had the chance to meet so many great customers, brewers and others that work within this great British tradition that is Real Ale. Please keep supporting the small independant brewers wherever and whenever you get the chance. Their beer is crafted with passion and care and supporting them supports thousands of jobs and creates the opportunity for them to shine.

Keep drinking British Real Ale!

Beer, the UK's national drink

Brumaison is an award-winning 10-barrel (1640 litre) microbrewery based in the heart of Kent. We produce traditional ales in a traditional manner and all our current beers use UK ingredients. In particular, we source the majority of our hop varieties from Hukins Hops, a local Kent grower. Hand-crafted cask ales from the heart of Kent.

Brumaison Best Bitter Traditional Ale

Brumaison Bitter, aka BB, is a cask conditioned traditional English bitter brewed using three UK malts, Fuggle and First Gold hops. Easy drinking English ale with plenty of malt and subtle hop flavour. Contains: BARLEY, WHEAT.

3.6% ABV

SIBA South East Regional Beer Awards 2018 - Silver

SIBA SE Silver

Award-winning, dark brown porter with reddish hue. Full malt flavour, warm with hints of coffee and chocolate.
Light bitterness from Kent Bullion hops and little or no hop aroma.
1770 is Unfined ale. Vegan. Contains: BARLEY.

One simply isn’t enough!

4.7% ABV

Cask conditioned English pale ale. Perfectly balanced bitterness against the aroma and flavour of the Ernest hop giving hints of sweet spice and peach. Unfined ale. Vegan.

An outstanding example of English pale ale.
Unfined. Vegan. Contains: BARLEY.

4.0% ABV

Bullion ale is a refreshing single hop pale ale. The hops used are grown locally at Hukins Hops, Tenterden. The hop is used both for bittering and aroma and this ale highlights Bullion’s flavours – so often categorised as bittering only. The result is a refreshing ale with a delicate zesty, spicy flavour that is not overpowering. Unfined ale. Vegan. Contains: BARLEY.

4.5% ABV

Beulter [pron. Bel-ter]: A best bitter of deep copper colour using pale and dark crystal malt. A full malt flavour bitter with a light sweetness that lingers. Late WGV hops give a pleasant ‘English’ hop experience to the beer. The name Beulter is derived from the river Beult which runs nearby to the brewery. Contains: BARLEY, WHEAT.

4.6% ABV.

This is our latest addition and is also available in 500ml bottles subject to availability. A refreshing traditional English extra pale ale made with Challenger and Goldings hops. Flaxen XPA is unfined. Vegan. Contains: BARLEY

3.8% ABV.

Brumaison Golden Blonde Ale

Cask conditioned golden
blonde ale made with Pale and
Vienna malt, Challenger and
First Gold Hops.
A refreshing ale with the
bitterness of a golden and the
fruit spice of a blonde. Unfined. Contains BARLEY

4.4% ABV

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