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Beer, the UK's national drink

Brumaison is an award-winning 10-barrel (1640 litre) microbrewery based in the heart of Kent. We produce traditional ales in a traditional manner and all our current beers use UK ingredients. In particular, we source the majority of our hop varieties from Hukins Hops, a local Kent grower. Hand-crafted cask ales from the heart of Kent.

Brumaison Best Bitter Traditional Ale

Brumaison Bitter, aka BB, is a cask conditioned traditional English bitter brewed using three UK malts, Fuggle and First Gold hops. Easy drinking English ale with plenty of malt and subtle hop flavour. Contains: barley, wheat.

3.6% ABV

SIBA South East Regional Beer Awards 2018 - Silver

SIBA SE Silver

Award-winning, dark brown porter with reddish hue. Full malt flavour, warm with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Light bitterness from Kent Bullion hops and little or no hop aroma. Contains: barley, wheat.

One simply isn’t enough!

4.7% ABV

Brumaison Golden Blonde Ale

Cask conditioned golden blonde ale made with Pale and Vienna malt, Challenger and First Gold Hops.

A refreshing ale with the bitterness of a golden and the fruit spice of a blonde. Contains: barley, wheat.

4.4% ABV

Bullion ale is a refreshing single hop pale ale. The hops used are grown locally at Hukins Hops, Tenterden. The hop is used both for bittering and aroma and this ale highlights Bullion’s flavours – so often categorised as bittering only. The result is a refreshing ale with a delicate zesty, spicy flavour that is not overpowering. Contains: barley.

4.5% ABV

Beulter [pron. Bel-ter]: A best bitter of deep copper colour using pale and dark crystal malt. A full malt flavour bitter with a light sweetness that lingers. Late WGV hops give a pleasant ‘English’ hop experience to the beer. The name Beulter is derived from the river Beult which runs nearby to the brewery. Contains: barley and wheat.

4.6% ABV.

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