Apologies for the lack of formatting on this page. Time was of the essence when first publishing. We hope you can find all of the information you need about buying direct here.

From Friday 12th June 2020 and subsequent Fridays between 1pm and 4.30pm, we will be selling takeaway ale direct from the Brewery. We will be selling in 2 pint and 2 litre ‘milk’ bottles and 5 litre Beer in a Box (bag). This will be subject to availability of any particular brew (see below) and also while stocks last on the day as we have only limited racking space for the casks. We will also be selling 500ml bottles subject to availability.

Prices are at the bottom of the page, but do please read through to understand how we will operate. Thank you.

Please could you phone 07831 704089 at least an hour before collection to place your order, particularly for 5ltr bag-in-a-box as we need to get this ready in advance.

When you arrive:
Please DO NOT enter the brewery. If the weather is inclement, please wear appropriate attire as you will be standing outside. Please ensure you follow government distancing guidelines.

We plan on having the shutter door open on fine days. On wet and windy days the door will be open. We will set up a table on the threshold, please stand >1m away from the table so that we can pass your beer to you in a safe manner. If you are someone who is in a vulnerable group, please let us know when you order and we can arrange to come out to your car.

We can accept contactless/card payments only. We use iZettle. Please NO CASH.
You may pay in advance by way of payment links through iZettle. We will need a mobile phone number or email to do this. At present, we can only provide a receipt via email or SMS link. These are not saved and are used for the purpose of payment only.

What is available/prices?

Real ale fresh from the cask. We have limited racking space, so when it is gone, it is gone, until next week.
Please do phone through about an hour before collection for real ale orders.

Friday 23rd October
Real ale from the cask.
Bullion 4.5% Our single hop golden ale made with locally grown hops from Hukins in Tenterden.

2 pint plastic bottle £5.00
2 litre (approx. 3.5 pints)  plastic bottle £8.00
5 litre Beer in a Box £22.00. This must be ordered in advance and at least an hour before collection. Thank you.

From experience, the 2pt bottles are best opened within 24 hours. The 2 litre bottles are good unopened for up to 48 hours – perhaps even 3 days at a push. The 5 litre bag-in-a-box will keep the beer good for quite a few days. Do bear in mind that, being a bag, the longer the beer is kept, the more it will lose carbonation and go flat (but still okay to drink, nonetheless).

Bottled Beer (all bottled beer is suitable for vegan diet):
BB 3.6% 500ml bottle-conditioned ale. Our best-selling Brumaison Bitter is now in bottle!
1770 London Porter 4.7% 500ml bottle-conditioned ale – our award winning porter.
Bullion 4.5% 500ml bottle-conditioned ale – our single hop golden ale.
Sold Out Flaxen XPA 3.8%  500ml bottle-conditioned ale – light, pale and packed with flavour.

Box of 12 bottles £30.00.
500ml Bottle £2.75 each, minimum qty of 6 please.

We do not have bags. Please bring your own. Beer in bottles will be boxed for quantities of 12.